What is Organic Seafood: Are There Benefits

You cannot get organic seafood in the US as the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has no registered products pertaining to this. The soil association in the UK does list certain fish as being organic as long as they abide by these guidelines

  • they are produced using the most sustainable feeds available – salmon and trout feeds are made from the recycled processing wastes of fish which have already been caught for human consumption
  • the fish are kept at low stocking densities which minimises stress and maximises welfare and natural disease resistance only natural pigments are used in the feeds
  • the fat content of feeds is limited. This produces more natural growth rates and produce a firm and delicious fillet
  • toxic antifoulants (used to keep net pens clean) are not permitted on organic fish farms
  • the use of veterinary treatments is heavily restricted and long withdrawal periods (the time between the animal being treated and harvested) are required should treatments be essential to maintain high welfare standards.

The only thing really relating to pesticides or chemicals there is toxic atifoulants which is actually used for cleaning, not as feed.

So, as you can see, Organic food does not mean that it is fat-free, sugar-free or have any relation to the macronutrient or caloric composition of the food. The USDA does not claim that organically produced food is safer or more nutritious than traditionally produced foods. “Organic” simply means that the crop is grown in pesticide free soil or eats pesticide free food. One thing that is for sure is that organic food costs a lot more. A lot more.

Studies have been debating for years over whether the benefits are worth the cost. While some results have shown that organic food does have lower pesticides and higher antioxidants, the differences were fairly minuscule and probably not worth twice the price that you’re paying for it.

Lissie Flowers

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  1. Wow, so the fish I’ve been buying labeled “Organic”, but me just a bunch of… oh well, thanks for letting us know about these important things!

    Bran Pearce

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