What got us Started in Organics

Not many people know is how we got started in this business of organic toddler food. It’s an interesting story that we thought would be worthwile to share with our readers. And for those who are late on the band wagon, we have quite our production and instead are focusing on bringing awareness on issues that’s related to the all-natural way of life. Including the latest edition travel, which is in fact one of the biggest reasons that got our eyes open. Just living in the states, we never noticed that anything was wrong because everything seemed so normal. Especially in such a crowded city as New York, people are often just going about their business without much giving thought about daily actions. Which are a huge amount of activities that one performs during the day.

Anyway, a long time a go me and my friends felt we needed to distance ourselves from this daily “reality”, and get new vibes and inspiration. Ending up India was indeed a brave choice but a very rewarding one at such. It made us look at the world in a way that was never to change again. For the first times in our lives we saw proverty and people who’s food was not clean or healthy.

It’s not everyone in India of course, but we experienced firsthand how people were suffering because of bad food conditions. This made our awareness go up a notch and even after that trip, our eyes were set on injustice and wanted to find out everything that was wrong with this world.

Soon we noticed, that it was not just in foreign countries, but especially in our very home country that we thought was so safe.. that was actually suffering at least as much as any other proverty striken country. There was decease everywhere and people had the most horrible eating habbits. Worst of all, it was all promoted by the government and the corporations that supported it. Naturally we felt the need to start with our own contribution to the closest community we had. And after years of hard work, the DinDins Food company created a ripple effect which is growing to this day.

Being happy with that, we are going strong and always finding new ways to open our eyes. Which is what this blog is mostly about. Thank you for getting in touch with us and see you again soon.

Lissie Fl.

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