Western Han Dynasty Acrobatics & Diet at Chaoyang Theatre Show

We’ve been talking a lot about organic food, but what if we would go back to the new and exiting topic of China for a while. Our discovery of the acrobatic diet, was something that confirmed our believes of expanding nutrition beyond organics. Especially when it comes to our toddlers and children, whatever is USDA organic or basically any other major company founded certificate is simply just not enough. By applying rules, you always find people who bend them or try to act as badly as possibly within those limits. No set of regulations can be vigorous enough to keep food safety intact. That is just the simply fact that we have to face in todays decisions about food. But as was in the case of acrobatics at the Tiandi Theatre, the simple need for a certain kind of performance or skill to act out an acrobatic show was enough motive to create an optimal dietary environment. It was not about rules, and regulations. Instead, it was about genuine need for a certain quality and style of food that would make us better at something.

When all this comes together with a delicious meal, life is simply beautiful. To celebrate our discovery in Beijing we decided to visit another hugely famous acrobat venue, performed by the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe. Unlike Tiandi, this is a massive venue with huge production costs. We wanted to observe the people performing there, and find out if this was really a trend within all the acrobatics shows in China. So we turned ourselves to enjoy mode, and went to observe the great spectacle at the Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic Microcosmic stage. And we were absolutely thrilled, as it was really a huge and impressive show with skill to perform only that which exited us in tremendous ways. And if you think I sound exited after going there and writing this, think again.. during and soon after the spectacle, I have been filled with so much exitement that it’s difficult to hold without bursting.

So what happens at the theatre in Chaoyang? Well, all in all it’s a show that bends not just the human physique but also the mind as well. With about dozen acts that teach you the limits of the human body. With death defying acts, to more relaxed yet extremely skilful balancing tricks. For example, the one where a twenty or so men balance on top of each other, while throwing hundreds of hats is pretty puzzling. How do they do it? Well, with a lot of training and a healthy diet of course. You could see that not just the performance was polished, so was their appearance. One cannot really fake such a healthy and good looking apearance. These troupe members were truly being taken care of, and a good look at their faces was like a story that told everything about it!

So here the line was not blurry, because the training goes deep into the culture and tradition of Chinese variety art. So for example, in the old times when they performed to the emperors.. it was an honourful potition with huge rewards. It was like being a celebrity in the ancient China, with all the healthy and tasty food you could every imagine available. That is of course, if you managed to perform so that the emperor was pleased. With the pressure high to perform, so is the act!

This was not just some walk on tiptoes, but a warp to the Western Han Dynasty. Where such choreopgraphic skill was already perfected, now taken to the great production level at the Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing. To find out more, we highly recommend checking out the “Beijing Acrobatic Show” trailer, which should give you just enough of a hint to know what to look forward to. That is if you will visit Beijing, one of our favorite culinary cities. Loaded with performing arts theaters and organic restaurants. Everything under one big mingling cityscape. Which would be nothing without the fantastic acrobatics provided.

We will now take example and enjoy some of the delicious dumplings, that will provide our “acrobatic diet”, for us. See you next time, perhaps about something more from China coming later. But as always, we will keep educating you about the realities of organic food, toddlers and eating habbits throughout the world! Thank you.

Lissie Flowers

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  1. Sounds like a thrilling time. I hope my kids will love it as much as they love healthy, organic food!! 🙂 What do you think dear Lissie?!

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