Travel in Xian for Food Beyond Organics

Call me food savvy or anything you like, I am someone who is addicted to nost just food but all the culture the surrounds it. Whenever I pick a new travel destination, I check out what can I get on my plate. It’s especially exciting when you are researching this kind of stuff because you cannot know at all what to expect. Of course after many years of travelling, you start to guess a little bit and one of those guesses include the ultimate understanding that all culinary travel destinations are unknown. This exploration of the unknown gives me goose bumps all over and make me want to explore every corner of the world. Especially those countries are on my list, where food culture is deep and profound. Just like in China, how a lot of the concepts that creates todays “healthy food”, have been in use for centuries without ever having the need to put a name for them. And that includes organic food of course.

This time when I was planning a trip to China, it made me especially exited because I found a combination of a magical show together with traditional Chinese food. As many of you may know, I love theatre and what could be better than a combined dinner. I’ve been hearing rumours of a certain “Show Xian” company that is about to release the menu of the Tang Dynasty Show soon on their website. I have been in contact and the administrator made a very kind reply where he explained that everything will be up as soon as possible. Their website seems to be under construction and has been for quite a while. That’s why I have been picking bits and pieces from various websites to understand more the dinner that is being presented here. And besides that, I even heard that it’s toddler friendly which made me even more curious. Of course a lot of people have quite negative thoughts when they think about the combination of food safety issues amongst China. Especially when they are related to their children or kids that are on a sensitive time in life. That is in a digestive way of thinking of course!

So anyway, this Tang Dynasty Show is a traditional opera kind of thing. Except it’s far from anything we’ve seen in Beijing or Shanghai. Instead, it celebrates traditional costumes, musical instruments and magnificent dance. The city of Xian used to be the old capital of China so no wonder it holds such ancient and traditional treasures of the performing arts. As for the dinner that is accompanied throughout the show, you have several options. With my bad Chinese language skills it’s not easy to make out the details and I wish there was a way to have all this information in English too. For that I am waiting for your my dear friends at Show Xian!

Available meals include: Dumpling Banquet – with many different variations of dumplings that are create like art with different forms of animals, or anything you cannot imagine. Royal Banquet – this banquet is made by renowned chefs that are experts in the modern style of so called ‘Xian style’ which I am about to witness when I actually get there. Then there are things such as the Emperor’s Banquet and Luxury Royal Banquet which I am not quite sure what they are offering. But should be the best this ancient city has to offer. Either way, what I love about these dinner shows that even if one is a little bit dissapointing, the combination crowns the day.

Can wait to travel to the land beyond Organics, Xi’an, China. See you there!

Lissie Flowers

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