Toddlers Aware! Organic Beijing Kung Fu at Red Theatre

Previously we featured the all magnificent acrobatics show in the capital of China, but this time we take this opportunity to introduce something equally great happening in the city. Extremely popular with the toddlers, and very closely knit to our organic, natural lifestyle is the “Red Theatre Beijing” venue which hosts a legendary kung fu show like no other. Thanks to the funding of DinDins Food we were able to get a up and close glimpse of this brilliant start that shines in the nightlife of one of the most exciting spectacle filled places we know. Proudly presenting you our humble introduction to the show, enjoy!

Red Theatre & China Heaven Creations

The China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Company presents The Legend of Kung Fu show, which is hosted on the prestigious Red Theatre stage. A delight for tourists and Kung Fu lovers alike, this show will leave a lasting impression on anyone lucky enough to see it.

A group of Kung Fu masters, with the average age of 17, are collected together to show off skills they have been practicing for many years. Top class directors transform these skills into a spectacular performance. The artists concentrate on a fusion of Kung Fu, modern dance and acrobatics, creating a unique style of drama.

Although the performers do not speak, there are subtitles in English on an electronic screen above the stage, so the audience can follow the storyline. The story is about a boy who dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master and achieving enlightenment. His journey involves overcoming many obstacles from the outside world, and from within his own mind, to overcome his fears and achieve his dream.

The Legend of Kung Fu Show

Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese art, beginning around 4000 years ago. Originally created for self-defense, hunting and military training, the purpose shifted to health maintenance and then to self-cultivation. China has one of the world’s longest continuous records of the use of martial arts. The movements mimic animals, are inspired by ancient myths and legends, and focus on internal and external development.

A complete Kung Fu training teaches Chinese attitudes and culture, philosophy and ethics, medical practices and the use of weaponry. A common phrase used in Kung Fu training is: train both Internal (the heart, spirit, mind, breath and strength) and External (eyes, hands, body and stances.) The Red Theatre crew has taken great dedication and care to showcase the very essence of this spirit to please even the most strict fans of the ancient martial art.

It is also important to give much appraisal to the strict organic diet that is being followed by the performers of the show. According to the director, only by going back to the very roots of food culture in China are they able to produce a theater production that is satisfactory in every respect. Being known around the world, it is a great responsibility on behalf of the Chinese people to introduce the magical art of Kung Fu to foreigners from every corner of the globe.

The Story Toddlers Love

The first act shows the little monk, named Chun Yi meaning ‘Pure One’, becoming initiated. He struggles to concentrate at first, allowing his adventurous spirit to explore his new surroundings. He brings himself under control after watching masters at work, and can now be initiated. The story then moves through how he learns the art of Zen, Kung Fu, and casting iron swords.

He encounters the tests of his inner mind, as he chases a beautiful fairy, a desire of his body and mind. He loses his way from Buddhism and is remorseful, punishing himself before finally finding his way back to the path. The last scene shows the ritual of passing through the temple gate, the final test to demonstrate his skills, and the epilogue of the play shows his glorious enlightenment.

The story is sewn together through stunning martial arts, exquisite ballet, and beautiful music. The theatre itself is an impressive two-tiered auditorium, with state of the art set, costumes and lighting technology to give excellent visual effects.

The Legend of Kung Fu first came to the stage in July 2004, and has since received international acclaim, receiving many awards. A Beijing delight, not to be missed! After the show, it is possible to meet the artists and get photos taken with them. The DinDins Food crew now has a picture memory of a lifetime, with all of the performers and it is know on display in our offices. Friends, please come and see it in New York!

The show is performed every night between 7.30 and 8.50, at Beijing Red Theatre, in the Dongcheng District. Don’t miss it.

Regards and see you next time!

Lissie Flowers, DinDins Food.

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