The Simple Acrobatic Diet at Tiandi Theater Beijing

Everyone knows the expression that we are we eat, even though most people never give any thought to it. Perhaps because people think that diets and eating healthy is a difficult thing. Better to avoid even thinking about it, not to actually have to face the fact of what people are really doing to themselves and their bodies. To such attitudes of life where no one can even survive without nutrition, it’s hard to even say much. Obviously these are just misunderstandings, one after another. So how to get people engaged in finding by themselves about food. We think that by making it a fun and interesting process you can get a lot more out of it.

One very fun excercise is to just look at people. Obviously everyone has a different body, different way of eating and of course a different outcome in health. That’s why it’s been very interesting to look at people and ask them what they are eating. Especially the question “why”, just cracks me up at times. In China, where food is suppose to be terrible.. it seems that a lot of people are fit and in healthy conditions. For example, what really astounded me was a Beijing acrobatic show, where it seems as if these people are on some kind of a super diet. The performance we went to see with our group was at the Tiandi Theater in Beijing. During the whole performance we were literally on our tiptoes, trying to grasp at the stunning achievements that the China National Acrobatic Troupe was all about.

The body structure was so flexible, and the positions that they could bend and go into was something that made an extraordinary show even without any special effects. Obviously we were in China and not every theatre could boast with abundance of financial help, which was not needed here. In fact the show was a whole lot more authentic because it didn’t try to be anything fake, although it did seem unreal at times in a very positive way!

So naturally as a dietist and someone interested in natural, organic and healthy food.. I was dying to ask these people what they ate. Luckily thanks to the tour guide that was assisting the trip, we managed to exchange a few words. Without a surprise, breakfast was very important as was waking up early to practice on a daily basis. But the diet mainly consisted of rice, vegetables and some grains. Something extremely simple, that could be considered “chail food” in the west. But it works, and why.. because nature has provided all the nutrients we need in such a simple way. And what these people lacked, was the overabundant media brainwashing of buying processed or “complicated” foods. Simply by keeping it simple, together with exercise and a healthy life in general.. the acrobats in Beijing were able to put up a show that perhaps could not be possible without.

It really makes you think how we need to be going back instead of constantly forward to a more abundant food economy. The answers are right there under our noses, but nobody cares. Until it gets fun and interesting of course, which is the dangerous moment to get hooked. Well, we were definitely hooked with acrobatics and the dazzling Tiandi Theater experience. Something that we got to experience even more on our trip. But more about that later, on our DinDins Foods China edition. Thanks for listening and good luck to the future of the troupe!


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  1. It’s really interesting how you can put together acrobatics and nutrition. It’s all about health isn’t it. Thanks for your insight lissie!! Larry

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