Pointing at Organic Fingers

We just think that the finger pointing should stop. While it’s good to say out loud that the food industry is terrible, and shops should think over their policy over the profit insentive.. it’s much more important to point the finger at yourself and question your own motives. With Toddler Food, we have seen so many people who just take the factor of organic into consideration out of financial necessity. Not because it’s their passion.

Just by having some sort of rools of safe and good food products, nothing is really going to change. It’s a way to move the problem, and create more solutions for those who are the least in need of them. We set out to work with people who have a similar way of thinking. But found out, that there is so much to be done that the work has to be concentrated on ourselves. Through a sort of a personal self enlightement, we can transfer the internet shopping experience to a very personal level.

It’s still a strong strength for us to do what we believe is the right thing. And until know, it has brought incredible results in the industry of all-natural. The only way is to identify yourself from the crowd, and create trust with customers.. one by one. It’s an incredible story really!

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One thought on “Pointing at Organic Fingers

  1. Very inspiring post. We should definitely have a closer look at the motivation behind going “organic”.


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