Connecting with Food in China

We at DinDins Food, strongly belie that the connection with healthy food needs to start early. Once healthy nutrition is integrated to the life of the adolescence, such natural selections in food will become natural in adult life. In short, natural breeds more natural.. which doesn’t need to be an expensive shopping trip. Even young people, living with little as students for example will not only benefit from a healthy mind and body good for studying, sports and such.. but also it is often the more economic choice by creating everything by yourself. Many kids think that it is something hard to make food by yourself, especially with vegetables. This is nothing but a lack of knowledge that has been forgotten down the generations. People have really been sort of brain washed with the modern ways of processes foods and we want to correct that terrible mistake that keeps on repeating itself.

We found a wonderful example of how the knowlege of making food is passed down generations from China. A good friend of mine, who is working with several humanitarian movements in South of the country said that aid should be targeted in self sufficiency. And if something is self sufficient, it’s to produce and process your own food in a healthy way that’s benefitial for all. Especially in rural parts of China, it simply natural for parents to teach their children how to cook all the traditionally made recipies. It is not just extremely tasty way of living, but also an economical choice supporting local produce according to the change of seasons.

We wanted to get a closer look at the traditional ways of passing on such knowledge in the country, and set out for the trip of our lives. While China is connected to a lot of food scams, with fake produce sold off the super market shelves. It’s not all that gloomy, in fact a lot of great traditions before the times of “organics” have been well established there a long time ago. All we need to do, is to look at the history and culture of countries to find wonderful examples of rich food culture.

What better place to start our voyage than China, where the history goes as deep as it can possible get. Hold on tight for our China edition of DinDins Food. Where we discover how toddler food is something even more than organic.. by connecting with food in profound ways.

Lissie Flowers

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