Bridging the Gap Between Organics

One of the most concerning attitudes towards healthy, nutritious food choices is the gap between the rich and the poor. While it is true, that the food industry has made processed, unhealthy food more affordable through the support of large corporations by the government. It’s adults who subject themselves to the control of these lobbyist with nothing but financial motives and a greedy stock market to abide to. All people need, is knowledge that can enable them to actually make the decisions by themselves. It is simply nature which selects a style of life that is healthy, tastes great and beneficial for the whole world. The current industry standards have nothing to do with natural, which is the very basic building block of food. Many kids are surprised to learn that food does not come from a supermarket, but it is grown in nature. This alone, is enough to sound the alarm that not everything is right in our country. But the conditioning is so strong, and so rooted to every generation that keeps on cultivating it that even a high pitch alarm is left unheard most of the time.

Therefore the concepts of healthy has been fitted into the same kind of delusional concept of money. Namely to blame, are organics which have become yet another vehicle for the food corporations to control and lead to economic prosperity amongst the few selected families. This bridge needs to be broken, because everyone has the equal right to healthy food. Especially babies, and children should have that right since they are the most vulnerable.

This right does not weight for it to be awaken, it needs to be taken by those individuals who are smart enough to study their actions in this world. Thanks to the internet we now have that possibility more than ever.. and that’s what this blog is all about!

Looking forward to an enlightened future,
Lissie Flowers

The first post on — 2015.

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