All-Natural Method of Relaxing with Massage in Shanghai

As an advocate for everything that’s natural and promotes wellbeing, Chinese massage is high on our list of favorite past times. We wanted to dedicated this post to reveal the secrests behind traditional massage techniques in China, where to go and what to expect. It is also a reflection of our trip in Shanghai which gave light to this marvelous all-natural way to relax! And best of all, some of the spas mentioned on this post are even suitable for toddlers. Some think of it as weird for children or babies to have a massage, but it’s an amazing holistic experience that all ages can benefit from without restrictions!

Traditional Tuina Practise in The West

First of all, your options to experience a professional masseur are quite different depending on where you are located. For those residing in any of the major Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai you have a huge selection of quality establishments that offer both an affordable and authentic service. While this is most probably true to any place in China, our experience is largely focused on the most marvelous city of Shanghai. Those who are heading that way or perhaps are planning a trip are suggested to familiarize themselves with the ultimate “Shanghai Massage Guide” which is useful for both those on travel and business trips. They will be able to advice on some of the best locations to have a first hand experience to the magic effects of this mystical form of traditional wellbeing.

For those who are outside of China in the US for example there are plenty of options too. However my suggestion is not to go to low-end establishments. Of course, there are those few occasional masseur services tucked away in the little streets of the China town. But without an excellent recommendation, you are better off paying a bit more to be sure to be getting a good experience. Especially when there are children involved you will need an experience that is as authentic as possible for safe effects.

More than anything these forms of massage practiced are therapeutic in nature. This aims to relax your whole physique with long lasting and life changing effects. The styles are often categorized as “Tuina”, which basically refers to kneading and pushing of the muscles. While it is a well known type of massage all over the west, it is less known that it is based on meridian energy channels. Which carry the flow of life energy, known with different names by many ancient civilizations. To learn how to have an effect and control this energy flow, many Chinese enter a special University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to learn the art during many years of both study and training. The pathway is called “Qi” in Chinese and it’s well balanced and open flow is a corner stone of human health according to the Chinese. This is one of the most natural ways that exist to heal the human body and mind with no medicine necessary to reach great achievements.

When looking for a place to experience an authentic service, make sure that your masseur is a licensed massage therapist. Not only in China but also in professional medical establishments, the staff will wear the license from their necks for easy recognition. Also remember, that most forms of massage are done fully clothed unlike some western kinds of relaxation therapy. At times it can hurt if your body is lacking a good energy flow, but I assure you that this is all well worth it!

A special form of infant massage has also been developed in the country. Which also aid the flow of energy that is often useful if the baby gets sicks or runs a cold. It can be used to treat various health conditions amongst both adults and children, as well as babies. If you have a change to visit Shanghai, it highly recommended for the most enlightening massage experience!

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