About DinDins

Food is what we eat is something that everyone has heard before and it is something that we strongly believe in. But that sentence needs to be taken out of it’s context as just a saying. It needs to be learned and lived by for the health of our generation now and in the future. While the food industry both globally and in the states has huge problems, we wanted to address some of the very root causes of why the food situation in one of the richest countries is one of the worst.

It was the most shoking, to see newborns and infants suffer because of not just the lack of nutrition, but simply because of bad culinary decisions. We felt that if the very roots of our society is being damaged from the ground up, that is the section of the food industry we want to put our efforts in. Toddlers are especially fragile to outside influences, not just because of a developing and sensitive physical structure.. but because they completely and utterly rely on the choices their parents make for them. A child needs to wait until their adolescence to have the possibility to make their own choices, until which they have been heavily conditioned to the food culture around them.

Therefore the responsability on parents is huge, for which we want to help them to make the right choices. So that babies to kids can grow up healthy, without GMOs or genetically manipulated food, without vegetables soaked in the products of a profit thriven chemical industry, without meat products that consume the and damage the resources of this planet. For us, it is our passion, and this passion is everything that dindins is about.

Based in Manhattan, New York. Experts in organic toddler food.

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